About Us

Our mission is to rebuild individuals and families for a healthy community by addressing social and economic barriers to reduce recidivism. Men and Women of Purpose (MWP), is dedicated to rebuilding safe, healthy, and whole communities. MWP’s comprehensive program focuses on the multiple factors that are related to social and economic problems for (high-risk behavior, recidivism, chronic jobless and homeless). MWP works to empower communities to be self-sufficient, allowing individuals, families, and communities to be proud as well as whole.

The vision of this program is to lead the nation by decreasing violence, providing unity, accountability and wholeness for a healthy community. Men and Women of Purpose will restore hope, pride, and purpose by enhancing love and integrity to reunite our families and create employment opportunities.

Men and Women of Purpose  |  3029 Macdonald Avenue  | Richmond, California 94804
(510) 768-8004