Ulis Redic

Ulis G. Redic has served as the senior pastor of the Mount Zion Baptist Church of Richmond since 1997. He grew up in Central and South Richmond enjoying a closely knitted family and community while participating in church activities, scouting, playing sports, and, at the same time, being surrounded by drugs, abuse, and other negative and criminal behaviors. He was trained as an operating room nurse before enlisting in the U. S. Navy during the Vietnam War. He has served on the Contra Costa County Alcohol and Other Drugs Advisory Board, worked to ensure employment rights and practices as an employee in the Diversity Programs and Labor Relations Departments of Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. He is a retired risk management professional and trainer for Alameda County. He serves as President of the Baptist Ministers’ Conference of Richmond and Vicinity. Ulis earned a public administration degree from the University of San Francisco and a theological degree from the Golden State School of Theology.

“With God’s help and the help of so many people who have and are still pouring into my life, I feel led to help guide others to productive lifestyles. I am honored to serve on the Men and Women of Purpose Board of Directors as we strengthen families by helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men and women acclimate into doing “life” after doing “time. I love Richmond!”




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