Success Stories

These are the stories of the Men and Women who have been helped by Men and Women of Purpose. Most of them are helping to mentor their peers and working to reduce recidivism and violence in the community

To The Men and Women of Purpose, Terminal One, and the Laborers’ Union:
My sincere gratitude to The Men and Women of Purpose; Terminal One and the Laborers’ Union for their generosity, affording me entry into Laborers’ Local Union #324 as a member in good standing. I’d like to also express my appreciation to Mr. Antwon Cloird, who counseled me and helped navigate my way to the better place I am at today.

I’ve been arrested, in jail, and on drugs living a life destructive to others and myself for most of my adult life. I’ve only held miscellaneous jobs when I worked. Your confidence and generosity has afforded me an opportunity to work a union job and enjoy the advantages and benefits the union offers.  I look forward to building on the foundation your organization has provided. Thank you very, very much.

Antonio P. Anguian

To The Men and Women of Purpose, Terminal One, and the Laborers’ Union:

Please accept my appreciation for the financial assistance I received to become a member in Laborers’ Local 324. I am an ex-convict and former gang member from the Iron Triangle of Richmond. Your support has provided an opportunity for me to have the security of a union job with benefits.

This, along with the mentoring I’ve received from Antwon Cloird, has been invaluable. He has counseled me on the attributes of hard work and success, and I look forward to putting those principles into practice in my own life.

Anthony Salazar

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